Bird with a hooked beak, large claws, red eyes, scales, a large head...

Faces mirror: Argh I've got a hooked beak, red eyes, a large head...
I must be...a curlew!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by D.iode May 31, 2003
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"Birds" from out of space attempting to take over the world through the use of brainwashing techniques. Through the brainwashing of every living human on earth the curlews will use us as slaves. However they are still weak and we still have a chance, if we form together and make a revolt. The brainwashed ones are currently left in a normal state of human activity, but be warned not everything is as it appears. Only the pigeon chested ones and the moley ones are immune to the brain washing powers of the curlews.
Have you ever heard a freaky bird at night making strange noises?........That is more then likely the call of the curlews as they plot another evil scam.
by Pchest&Mole Revolt May 05, 2004
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