A monkey kidnapped by the bastard in the yellow hat.
That bastard in the the yellow hat has kidnapped curious george!
by fireisnojoke March 04, 2006
Top Definition
when your penis sticks out of the hole in your boxers
when i was running i had a curious george
by bdogg7 March 23, 2004
One of my favorite books! Momma used to read it to me, now I read it to little Forrest. I miss Momma.
Curious George is one of my favorite books.
by Forrest Gump September 04, 2003
a childrens book about a curious monkey and a guy with a big yellow hat
...read the stupid books
by cheesecake January 13, 2005
someone who is unsure of their sexual identity/person who may be gay or straight but isnt sure
dave wanted to compare penis sizes with some of his frends so they called him a curious george
by magic marly July 06, 2011
The pleasure moment when your wife decides to stop by the down low area without warning. Typically occurs when least expected and always ends in conscious turmoil.
"Sharon and I were not getting along the whole day, yet to my surprise she gave me one hell of a Curious George!"
by The dozer with a 'tude December 30, 2012
When your eating a girl out and you grab a banana and start banging her with it as if it was a dildo.
Sandy got real upset when she found out that it wasn't in fact a dildo, but that I had slipped her a "Curious George"...
by Alljoy brother January 18, 2011
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