An extremely un-appitizing and repulsive word word.

Should be deleted from the english language.

Offensive to some.
Todd: I'm having curds tonight for dinner!!

Sean: We aren't friends anymore.
by Bo'Lick August 11, 2009
Top Definition
A curd is someone who is both a cunt and a turd.
Sally is such a curd.
by corrssetti April 14, 2009
what little miss muffet ate
"eating her CURDS and whey"
by lauren September 02, 2003
Also known as "creampie", a curd is a contraction of cum and turd; such as the residual from anal sex.
WARNING: Curds can make a time-delayed exit, usually when trying to sneak a fart later. Pass with caution!
When I decided I was through with her ass, Mary went and relinquished her curds in the toilet.
alt.; Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet...
by SLATCH September 21, 2005
Semen that has dried around the urethra.
Not having the time to clean up after his "Nightly Routine," Matt woke up to a bit of curd around his dick-head.
by Corrupt Cop June 25, 2009
an individual that is more boring than bean curd
I almost fell asleep in class today, because the teacher is such a curd.
by Charles Gibson January 18, 2003

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