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where u pop a head 'preferably a wogs head' on a curb by makin him bite the curb and then stampin on the back of his head. may cause a future of plentyful dentist appointments
u r now gonna be curbed and sold in tins.
Freshly Curbed aiy my favourite hmmm
by =CC= December 01, 2003
11 60
Origin: Skinhead.

To prop someone's mouth open against a concrete curb and then stomp the back of their head. Freuqently resulting in separation of the lower jaw from the skull.
Damn, they got guy got curbed.
by w3rd October 29, 2003
70 26
Past tense of when you or someone else has been ditched, dumped, or otherwise "kicked to the curb".
Dude 1: Sheila dumped me last Saturday.

Dude 2: That's harsh man.

Dude 1: No shit. I got curbed and she didn't even give me a reason.
by Bulldog6 September 08, 2009
16 12
to embarrass yourself in front of others,in the style of Larry David from Curb your enthusiasm
"did you fuck that sloshpot last night?"
"nah i curbed myself by throwing up when i munched her"
by ollie deezee January 03, 2009
14 16
The act of passing out or zoning while under the influence of either Marijuana or Alcohol.
Looks like Caleb is Curbed for the night.

by Cleberz November 28, 2007
8 19
To be under the influence of marijuana (cannabis sativa, curb).
Dude, I am so curbed right now!
by G.m.d February 17, 2005
18 38