1. To put someones head on the side walk, raise ones foot, and push down on the head with force with bottom of food. This results in blood and if you're good enough, death.

2. A way of showing how you owned or pwn'd someone.
1. We told him to kneel down and pick something up, and then we curb stomped him. Poor kid.

2. Person 1: We won!
Person 2: We totally curbstomped those bitches in the 6th battle.
by Shenkisshi August 12, 2006
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To place someone's mouth on a cement curb, and then stomp on their head from behind to break out their teeth.
"Dude, what happened to your mouth?"
"Ah goh pur pomp!"
by dirtbag April 16, 2004
An act of brutality and suffering widely used by the Nazi forces of Germany. Commonly used in persecuting Jewish prisoners, the Nazis would lay a Jew or another prisoner of war down infront of a curb, usually infront of a crowd (who were withholding information) and instruct them to bite down on the curb at gunpoint. The Gestapo was known to instruct infantry to then do the 'stomping' as Gestapo soliders had light boots, and the infantry had the heavier boots.
by DesperadoXD May 04, 2005
Placing of someones mouth on the corner of a sidewalk and kicking at the back of their head. This throws the jaw into their spinal cord and instantly kills them. Not allways used against black people... is actually mostly used when anti-nazi skins beat the crap out of a nazi skin group. Usually grab the biggest person and curbstomp them to show an example for the rest of the group to follow.
10 of my friends went to octoberfest and saw a group of 5 nazi's. We beat them up and then curbstomped them. Now there dead.
by skaterpunk1007 July 12, 2004
to put anothers upper jaw on a curb and proceed to stomp the shit out of their head.
you deserve to be curb stomped
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
To instruct the loser of a fight or combat situation to place their mouth on an object (Usually a curb), and to then stomp on the back of their skull, thus breaking their jaw, along with most of their teeth, and usually resulting in the victim's death (Due to a broken neck). A nonlethal variant involves jumping on their back instead of kicking in the back of their skull.
(John complies)
(Jake curbstomps John and is currently serving 25 to life for murder 2)
by Shenanigans O. July 10, 2008
(noun) A concoction that requires the use of the energy drink Spike, Everclear, and Dr. Pepper. Exact recipe as follows:

1 8 oz. can of Spike Energy Drink
2-3 Shots of Everclear
Splash of Dr. Pepper to taste

Curbstomp (verb) the after effect of consuming a curbstomp, usually entails utter debauchery and things of that nature.
VSQUAD mixed up a couple curbstomps to start the night, and by the end of they night they were curbstomped.
by CaptainCrixus September 27, 2011
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