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Embarrassment at waiting on the curb obediently as other pedestrians ignore the "don't walk" signal in the absence of traffic.
I couldn't stand the curb shame any longer so I crossed with everyone else, even though I needed a break from running all around town.
by uniquenowflake8 August 25, 2009
The feeling that you must remove some of the alcoholic bottles/cans from your recycling bin because you fear the neighbors reaction to the amount collected since last Monday morning and today is Thursday.
Husband: Wow, I didn't realize we drank so many beers during the week. Half the recycling is bottles.

Wife: Why don't you take some of them to the grocery store recycling, I can't handle the curb shame from the older neighbors who walk their dogs by the house early in the morning.
by mixgochix October 05, 2011

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