A person who makes a couple fall in love.
That man was just like cupid!
by Jamie February 18, 2003
A quarter pound QP of weed.
We scored a cali cupid last night.
by Alaskan Aurora April 26, 2009
a gay girl named nandie.she is named cupid because she hass the power to make girls fall in love easily.
what's nandies nick name ?

Cupid !
by :x_719 October 14, 2008
after having sex with girl in the ass, pull cock out and smear poo on butt cheek in the shape of the heart #1 brown jersey. then, get the hell out of her dormroom!!
Justin gave Shania a cupid, leaving behind the greatest valentine's day card in the history of the world.
by Bad Valentine February 13, 2004

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