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To corrupt, ruin, sabotage, obstruct, destroy, willfully interfere with, damage, or otherwise totally destroy something.

Word Origin: CUPE 3903 labour union at York University in Toronto Ontario Canada. The union went on strike and cuped 50,000 students out of their semester. They lost all their tuition and no one graduated in 2008. The word evolved as a reaction to CUPE's strike. Essentially, York's student were cuped.
"Bro, wtf, you cuped the entire rug! THE BATHROOM IS UPSTAIRS MORON!"

"Yo, my car got CUPED this morning. Some guy keyed the entire right side down to the metal!"

"Idiot, you CUPED all the damn beer? How did you manage to drop the entire 2-4. What a jackass!"

by McGillStudentAtYork January 12, 2009
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Getting recklessly piss-drunk when life circumstances beyond your control render responsibility unnecessary. To destroy one's body with alcohol.
He got pretty cuped last night, but it's OK cause he has no classes.

Man, with nothing to do these past few months I've been pretty much cuped 24/7.
by riyehn January 12, 2009
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Being screwed over, being destroyed, being ruined.

Refers to the CUPE union at York University.
He cuped me! Help! Police! He stole my purse!

Those jerks cuped my semester.

I was crossing the street and I got cuped. Stupid people who text and drive.
by Yorkstudent January 09, 2009
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Joe: Hey I cuped this girl the other day, and she answered. We've been talking ever since!
Mamma: You really need to get off those dating sites
by whatevertaco_blahblahblah January 15, 2011
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