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A video involving a pair of young girls who deficate into a cup, lick and swallow the results, then vomit on each other.
Similar to tubgirl or Lemon Party, in video form.
"Gah! Someone just sent me 'cup girls'! I have to go bleach my eyes!"
by EcchiKitty September 26, 2007
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A girl who with a friend will get a cup and one of the two will defecate in the cup and then lick, eat and play with the feces. Then vomit in each other's mouths.
He became suspicious his girlfriend was a cup girl from her feces smelling breath.
by Miker 430 December 03, 2007
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shorthand for the video featured on the 2girls1cup web site featuring a disturbingly viral scat porn video. Multiple response videos and parodies have been posted on mainstream sites such as youtube.
dude 1: WTF are you doing IM'ing me that sick shit????
dude 2: Huh-huh, the cupgirls rock. I showed it to my grandmom like that one guy in that video on youtube.
by Bry-master November 29, 2007
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