An abbreviation of the phrase "cream ur pants"
also usedmy pants" as a shortened version of "creamed
Emma : OMG Tom is so hot-i think Im gonna cup :S

Rach : Yeah I think I just cupped too
by IQ April 08, 2006
something to put fluids in
im thirsty, i need a cup
by .nick. August 29, 2007
This is what occurs when one is under the influence of illegal substances, mainly ecstasy. It is when someone has a poo whilst coming up, some people see this as a right of passage to becoming severely mashed!
Just had my CUP boys i'm feeling it now!

Just had a almost life ending CUP then lads but im over the Hump now so all is well (followed by a massive gurn)
by Jimithefriendlycocoon August 29, 2009
A greeting in the Apul Corps which originated with mr. marmesh
hey how ya doin?
by Die Tasse May 21, 2004
something that you drink out of, or protective wear for guys in football
did you pour it in my favorite pink cup...
by Chris July 30, 2003
something you urineate into and give it to the doctor
i need a cup
by yo mamma November 14, 2003
Shut the fuck up
u know what cup why dont you
by Cupinstien April 30, 2010
A secretive way to tell people on AIM or AOL Instant Messanger that your parents are coming or in a room.
Person 1:Hey did you hear...?
Person 2:Cups
Person 1: Nevermind i'll tell you later...
by Sdjbvgruhjgyfdbvdfb March 25, 2009

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