An abbreviation of the phrase "cream ur pants"
also usedmy pants" as a shortened version of "creamed
Emma : OMG Tom is so hot-i think Im gonna cup :S

Rach : Yeah I think I just cupped too
by IQ April 08, 2006
Culturally unaware person(s). A person who is ignorant of other ethnic groups...
Most of the people at my office are a bunch of "CUPS" when it comes to "Black History month.
by gabe tolliver November 23, 2003
also reffered to as boobs, tits, titties, jugs, hooters, knockers, fun bags
by daydaycola September 09, 2010
other names: titty lift

to place an open hand, palm up, under anothers breast. next make a come here motion, lifting the breast. being cup constitutes as the ultimate insult. you dont know what hit you.

1. Guys can only cup guys
2. Girls can cup either sex
3. guys can only cup girls in a retaliation cup

1. Painters Cup- wwhen one initiates the origonal motion of a cup and then ghoes pack down, as if painting a wall. after the act is made, the cupper screams "CAUTION! wet paint!" also if available, take a piece of tape and write wet paint on it. then place it over the breast.
2. Sneak Cup- when one is approached from behind and the person makign the cup reaches over their shoulder and cups them.
3. Shotgun Cup- When 2 people are stand across from eachother and one person does a quick 2 handed cup to both breasts. sometimes painful due to the velocity of the cup
4. Death Cup-during this cup, the victem must give in to the action, becuase there is no other insult greater. the cupper takes his whole hand, and curls his fingers. then he dives into the cuppee's breast pushing him down into the ground.
Me: "I went to cup him and all i got was rib"
John: "Who ever thought cupping could be so painful"
by Martin T. June 01, 2006
Culturally Unaware Person(S)-refers to people or persons who are socially isolated from other ethnicities or cultures other than their own and show it.
Remo and his crew felt like C.U.P's when they showed up at Raj's Diwali celebration bringing burgers and ribs to grill.

by gabe tolliver October 28, 2005
verb meaning to fart in ones hand and put it in another's face
"Gerry cupped me and i threw up all over his hand"
"For some reason, tom always takes a sharp inhale whenever he is cupped"
by DJ BJ REPPIN SF January 12, 2012
Thing you say when somebody says something or does something that makes them looks stupid
your friend: that girl looks hot... oh wait, that's my sister....

you: cup
by J_HoVa May 01, 2004
A game in which multiple lackeys drink one whole cup. The winner then boasts in his/her victory. Rules: 3, 2, 1 , CUP! Last one to CUP pours next cups
What a sick gaem of CUP!!!!!11
by CUPmaster3000 September 05, 2009
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