A group of bitchy and or super fine girls the person form of the word cunt
Dude I'm horney let's go get some cunties
by syd da kyd May 16, 2009
Top Definition
adj. used to describe a persons mood especially when they are acting like a bitch on the rag.
"Hey Tommy, quit acting so fuckin' cunty!"
by P. Walnuts April 04, 2003
A word generally associated and used in gay society. It means an overwhelming feeling of self-conceit or cockiness.
Associated with many feelings, usually of being a bitch, cocky, conceited, arrogant, obnoxious and the list goes on.
I'm feeling cunty!
Ohh she is FIERCE!, cunty!
That bitch is being really cunty today...
by Neoprimal October 22, 2005
Nasty, bitchy, in the manner of a cunt.
A sneaky but less offensive way of calling someone a cunt.
Q: "Did you call me a cunt?"
A: "No, I said you were being cunty. It's completely different."
by Billy Bob P. October 11, 2006
The female version of cocky.
"Don't get CUNTY with me,bitch!"
by kdg December 14, 2004
adj. When a girl acts like a total bitch 95% of the time.
Hey Chris, Bonnie is a cunty bitch
by Ron Steele March 14, 2006
Like a cunt.
Adjective, used to describe a dude displaying woman-like characteristics.
Paulie to Christopher: Now don't get cunty
by God Loki October 17, 2006
An Anglo-Saxon term of extreme approval
Gosh, that's cunty.
She's cuntier than you.
What a cunty book!
by rpoam June 13, 2011
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