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A Cunty Brown Dock is a rare sight even on hardcore scat movies. It involves a man or woman expelling a turd from his/her anus into the vagina of a receiving participant lady. Brown Docking is a more hygenic sexual practise and more commonly observed in scat movies. The Cunty Brown Dock is less favoured owing to the extreme hygienic implications. A turd being a bacterial mass of shit which can be the route cause of infection and disease.
Female scat porn stars receive as much as U.S.$5000 for allowing a turd to be passed directly into (their) vagina.
Sandra who was working as a scat porn star in Las Vegas, was deeply in debt to drug dealers, so she decided that evening to take a Cunty Brown Dock. She realised the risks, but had bought a large vaginal douche for use afterwards to wash out the steaming shit from her vagina.
by Clinton Sounds April 06, 2005