Crunchy candy made by cooking down sugar, water and butter until it is carmelized and then pouring the mixture over a cookie sheet to cool. Normally then covered with a thin layer of milk chocolate and ground nuts.

Originally referred to as "Crunchy Bits" in the UK but was morphed to "cunty bitch" after Prince Charles' marriage to the ultimate "cunty bitch" Camilla Parker Bowles whose family fortune was made producing "Crunchy Bits" candy in a factory 20 miles south of Staffordshireville England on the scenic banks of the Lilwankster river.
"G'day govna, how's 'bout I give you two pence for a hay-pound o' cunty bitch?"
by schweddy balls March 15, 2010
Top Definition
Used as a verb when describing a female with a particularly rude, abnoxious and bitchy attitude
Man, Nicole just yelled at me again for no reason, what a cunty bitch!
by Tomo25 May 30, 2006

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