1. A vehicle owned or driven by a Cunt; See Cunt
Therefore a Cunt's usual form of transportation.

2. A moving vehicle filled with cunts.

3. A car full of cunts; see Cunt

4. A small pretentious Hybrid vehicle; Usually decorated with unbelievably contradicting and or socially associating bumper stickers, which are usually added to the Cuntwagon purposely to affirm ones cuntiness.
Hey look at that fucking cuntwagon, filled those bitches that think they are hot shit.
by FrankieA May 28, 2010
Top Definition
A vagina that is frequently used because men get on and off said cunt wagon as if it was public transportation.

It can seat three couples.
This cunt wagon has room for six.
by Cuntwagon Conneseiur February 27, 2005
Sounds insulting.
Used in desperate situations
you're such a cunt wagon. go away
by sdalkjf; April 07, 2006
1 A vehicle used to try to impress the female gender. Usually a Hummer, Beamer, Mercedes etc.

2 An expensive vehicle to compensate for some other shortcoming.
Justin was cruising in his cunt wagon trying to pick up Jackie.
by Boydman January 13, 2007
A motor vehicle driven by a mack to deliver one of more of his prostitutes to their assignations or distribute his ho's along his turf; Pimpmobile.
"I seen you last night, drivin' aroun' in yo' cunt wagon."

"What you say?"

"Drivin' yo' ho's in yo' Escalade, puttin' them out on the curb, like an ol' time milks man, dealin' out his bottles o' cream."
by Sloe Pimp December 04, 2007
Someone who is such a cunt, that they are literally the embodiment of a wagon full of cunts. (people who are cunts)
Gosh, Karen, you're such a cuntwagon!
by Cystic Fibrosis Carrier February 12, 2015
An especially vial breed of woman. Also, an argumentative "twat" who has a secret desire to wield a penis.

Cunt wagon was first used in Boise, Idaho man they called "Twig". He coined to the phrase because no other word(s) would suitably describe the Cunt Wagon that he had to work with.

Cunt Wagon can be used as a verb, adjective or noun.
Listen closely you fucking CUNT WAGON.... I will not be paying for dinner without first seeing my balls upon your chin.

What happened?! Your sister just Cunt Wagoned me... the dirty whore.

How was football practice? It was Cunt Wagonesque....
by Cock_Bastard August 04, 2011
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