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The state of being such a cunt, that you are a waffle too.
Shannon is a cuntwaffle!
by Josh August 17, 2003
229 78
Another way to say cunt, yet will piss off a girl even more.
Guy: you cunt waffle
Girl: wtf! im not only a cunt. im a cunt waffle.
by krack March 12, 2005
87 34
When a fat woman strips butt naked and forces your face into her cunt, she will then roll around like a waffle maker with your face in between her legs and the cellulite leaving a waffle pattern on your face.
I cant believe it, sheila just gave me a cunt waffle after i told her not to
by PUSHINUPDAISIES March 21, 2011
30 14
someone who is not only a bitch, but also kind of a whore. generally characterized by (1)taking the last cig of a pack (2) taking the last swig of the vodka and/or (3) getting up on someone else's man and saying later that they were too drunk to stop.
"courtney is such a cunt waffle. i woke up this morning and all my cigarettes are gone. plus she slept with my boyfriend."
by magggggie December 17, 2007
25 26
A syrupy vagina filled with a pleathery substance.
I would like an extra batch of dangeoffrion with my cunt waffle, mmm pleather.
by ashho October 27, 2006
29 33
Something to stuff a twat with
1. Dave can be such a cuntwaffle

2. Got a cuntwaffle? I'm on the rag
by Tobi1K3nobi May 27, 2009
10 17
when tha chick has large beef curtains an ya stick ya dick in it
Joe and stuck his cock in talia's nasty cunt waffle
by FUCK!! YOU January 27, 2010
9 20