(noun) - When a bitch or cunt is out of character by being nice.
Suzie is being really nice, maybe she's changed.

No she didn't she's just cuntstipated.
by DAVnCHAINS December 07, 2010
Top Definition
Verb: cuntstipate
1. cause to be cuntstipated

Adjective: cuntstipated
1. have difficult, incomplete or infrequent access to female genitals
Stan: Hey Greg, what's your sister doing this weekend?
Greg: Dunno numbnuts, why?
Stan: I have been a bit cuntstipated lately. I was thinking I might try and bum a shag off her.
by Scobar September 04, 2005
A dating dry-spell. Not having the pleasures of the company of a woman in a very long time.
Gary: "When was the last time you got laid?"
Jeff: Dude, I've been cuntstipated for 4 months now."
by Dante S. February 19, 2007
When a woman is pregnant and misses her period she is cuntstipated.
"I think I'm cuntstipated. I haven't had my period in three months."
by Hank Kaplan May 23, 2008
can get erection but unable to ejaculate
poor old kevin looked down, shrugged, smiled to himself and said plaintively, "blimey, kylie, i must be cuntstipated!"
by theWestHamfan January 09, 2004
Absolutely controlled by a female. Completely pussy-whipped.
He's so cuntstipated he's never allowed a night out with the guys
by Jack the Zman April 12, 2009
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