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(noun) - When a bitch or cunt is out of character by being nice.
Suzie is being really nice, maybe she's changed.

No she didn't she's just cuntstipated.
by DAVnCHAINS December 07, 2010
Verb: cuntstipate
1. cause to be cuntstipated

Adjective: cuntstipated
1. have difficult, incomplete or infrequent access to female genitals
Stan: Hey Greg, what's your sister doing this weekend?
Greg: Dunno numbnuts, why?
Stan: I have been a bit cuntstipated lately. I was thinking I might try and bum a shag off her.
by Scobar September 04, 2005
A dating dry-spell. Not having the pleasures of the company of a woman in a very long time.
Gary: "When was the last time you got laid?"
Jeff: Dude, I've been cuntstipated for 4 months now."
by Dante S. February 19, 2007
can get erection but unable to ejaculate
poor old kevin looked down, shrugged, smiled to himself and said plaintively, "blimey, kylie, i must be cuntstipated!"
by theWestHamfan January 09, 2004
When a woman is pregnant and misses her period she is cuntstipated.
"I think I'm cuntstipated. I haven't had my period in three months."
by Hank Kaplan May 23, 2008
Absolutely controlled by a female. Completely pussy-whipped.
He's so cuntstipated he's never allowed a night out with the guys
by Jack the Zman April 12, 2009