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Somebody who is both a cunt and a bastard.
That cuntstard Roger still owes me £50.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
The gooey, custard like material that accumulates in a woman's vagina when she is exceptionally aroused.
She had a big dollop of cuntstard waiting for me.
by Tad Dewberries July 09, 2012
1. A person who is a bastard and a cunt. Or a mixture of both.

2. Misspelt custard.
ELSIE: Any of you guys reckon that new guy at works a cuntstard?
MILLIE: Yeah, who is he?
ELSIE: My husband, oh and you're fired bitch.

FRANK: Hey did you try Lisa's cuntstard?
DEREK: That's my wife, you fuck! (Hits him.)
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish August 30, 2008

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