Contraband stored in the vagina.

The items held within the vagina do not necessarily have to be illegal, one may well stash spare change or chapstick there.
Charlotte hoped to get across the border. She was carrying cuntraband: two rather mangy hens and a dachshund named Colin.
by Coraline Mae September 27, 2012
Top Definition
Illicit items concealed in the vagina.
The drug-sniffing dog continued to sniff the woman's crotch, revealing the cuntraband.
by Cuntoleezza Rice November 10, 2006
A woman who is too skanky, sketchy, tall or in any way off-limits.
Consider the following dialogue:

T: "I think I have a crush on J's mom."
K: "J's mom has too many STDs. She's cuntraband."


T: "Would you ever sleep with L?"
K: "Nah...S has had his way with L. You don't want to mess with him. L is cuntraband."
by speakn0evil January 05, 2006
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