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when a priest is caught having sex with a nun, and he has to save face with his parish community
Father O'Thomas sure got himself into a cuntnundrum when he had sex with Sister O'Hillary Shea during bingo last night.
by MillsFokk August 25, 2009
Noun; A decision that precludes one from getting any pussy that night.
Dude 1: Man, I've got this awesome gig tonight across town, but my girlfriend is just getting back from a week-long business trip and is she going to be horny. I want to bang the hell out of her, but this gig could be our big break and if I go there's no way I'm getting any! What do I do?

Dude 2: Dude, that's quite the cuntnundrum.

Dude 1: I've got a final in the morning and the old lady wants to get it on. If I bang her brains out the way she likes it, I'll crash for sure and fail the test.

Dude 2: Last time I was faced with such a cuntnundrum, I banged my old lady and then begged for an extension.
by Paddyoski April 23, 2008
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