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A person, not necessarily a woman, that incessantly makes comments designed to gratuitously belittle or irritate someone.
Valerie is such a cuntmouth, she just makes her own life even more miserable by talking everyone else down.
by FritzRoy October 26, 2007
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1. a person with an excessively filthy mouth

2. a person who can be found with their head between the legs of a women at anytime of the day
1. person A - sir, this is a daycare center, could u please stop swearing.
Person B - YA, stop being such a cunt mouth around the kids

2. person A - dude, where were you, i was calling all day.
person B - oh sorry, trixy came over and well, one thing led to another and, i was a real cunt mouth to her.
by Enrique Salazar February 18, 2006
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Cunt-mouth or Cuntmouth

1) a term referring to a woman who engages in fellatio.

2) a woman who permitted or has been "mouth-fucked".

3) a man who has preformed cunnilingus.

1) "She has a hot little cunt-mouth on her!"

2) "He fucked her cunt-mouth until he shot his cum"

3) "He had cunt-mouth after going down on her"
by marriedct May 19, 2008
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cunt mouth someone who has put pussy juice all in there mouth
i put that cunt mouth lips in my mouth!
by noppymo98 January 06, 2009
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