Surely you can guess...
Benjamin Brown is a cunthole hahaha...........................ha
by willy wonka May 20, 2003
A worthless peice of shit who is so repulsive and generally nasty, that calling him a mere asshole simply isnt enough. Thus the word Cunthole was created.
Here is a prime example of a cunthole.

Danny: Hey guys, last night i got a girl incredibly drunk, and then i took advantage of her. I didnt use a condom either, and i gave her clamidia. HAHAHAHAHA

Carl: Danny that was just wrong, why would you do that? You are such a fucking cunthole

Peter: I agree Carl, Danny really is cunthole.
by waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh August 23, 2008
I like my friend he's a real guys guy not a loud mouth like that cunt hole steve

--The Lonley Island "we like sportz"
by LonleyIslandLover March 26, 2011
A word Gavin Jules uses to describe the vaginal canal.
I put my titanium manmeat in her cunthole. M fucking cockmeat.
by Nobody of Consequence February 07, 2005
What you call your co-worker who gets all the gravey jobs cause he hangs off the boss's ball satchel
Man look , that cunt hole is still lubing the boss's wife and we are almost done the days work.
by columbo812 September 11, 2009
1. A undesirable place with alot of undesirable people
2. A dirty vagina

1. That <insert pub/club name here> is a real cunt hole. You'd never catch me there!
2. I'd never fuck that dirty swamp donkey's cunt hole. Who knows where it's been.
by Josh Wicks January 27, 2007
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