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A person who has a cunt for a head. See wordsimcore
"You fuckn Cunthead you"
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
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Female equivalent of dickhead.
I was drivin' to the gas n' sip to get me a foty when that cunthead in her hooptie cut me off.
by Scoundrel1960 December 17, 2007
Derogatory Link-word, used to insult someone either in jest or with strong feelings.
"Hey, ya little cunt head"
"You're such a fucking cunt head at times"
by RykB July 03, 2006
Someone who can't get enough pussy. They could munch it all day long.
Man, that Troy is such a cunt head all he does is eat pussy.
by BigBalls999 December 09, 2008
A derogatory term used to describe someone who's head you'd like to rip off. Someone who lets their kids down all the time. Someone so unreliable and false you'd like to skewer their eyeballs with hot knitting needles. A lying, moody, wannabe gangsta sack of shit.
Have you rung cunt head yet to see if he's having the kids?
by Theoutlaw. April 28, 2008

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