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1. noun, vulgar slang
A stronger form of both Cunt and Fuck, which seem to have lost all apparent offensiveness.

2. exclamation,
Sometimes exclaimed amid a nanosecond of immense pain/ displeasure, when the ability to choose either cunt or fuck individually is for some reason inhibited.
1. Shirley, you Cuntfuck, make me my dinner

2. Argh CuntFuck!
by Oliver Otway September 05, 2005
Literally a fucking shit head that needs to grow up and become somewhat sensible, if that's possible for a cuntfuck.
Grant & Alison are cuntfucks. Huge, inconsiderate cuntfucks.
by "anorexic garbage" December 11, 2006
A person who, much to the dismay of others, perpetually behaves as a cunt and a fuck at the same time.
I really dislike Jerry, he's a rather snobby cuntfuck, wouldn't you agree Rufus?
by iwabu666 May 18, 2005
a person, either male or female, who is thoroughly revolting both mentally and physically. he or she may also be the carrier of STDs not yet analyzed or named by scientists and should probably be sent to a leper colony without any lepers to suffer in their presence.
A.J. may think girls are attracted to him, but he is a mere cuntfuck.
by The mufckinnn bossss May 29, 2008
Can be used to offend people with

Also describes the act of Cunt Fucking or fucking ones cunt or that you are currently in the process of fucking you some good cunt.
...ex: why dont you just piss off you cunt fuck!
ex: i had an awesome cunt fuck last night Erol!
by mattw91 April 25, 2011
Somebody who repeatedly turns down your request for no particular reason. Used especially when trying to post things online and but they are rejected. Such as defining Aleja but getting repeatedly turned down, even though you just want to impress your gf
Guy 1: dude, I just tried posting my friends name on Ud, but they keep rejecting it. Like tf.
Guy 2: what a bunch of cuntfucks
by alejabitches October 19, 2013
Often used accidentally in place of "sweetheart" whilst communicating with ones wife....usually whilst also being distracting by something important (such as T.V.)
MOVE CUNT-FUCK, I can't see the fucking movie
by F!$h!e December 31, 2008
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