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Generic insult suggesting the receiptient displays the least agreeable qualities of both a fish and a cunt.
Will Tracz, you display both the least agreeable qualities of a fish and a cunt, i therefore conclude that you, my son, are a cuntfish and a fucknugget and a cad.
by Joe April 25, 2003
A nasty stank puss you don't wanna go near.
Dude I almost had to eat cunt fish last night.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
1. To go fishing inside a cunt. The best bait to use is turgid worms of various sizes (but you personally only have one size, unless you're yet to finish puberty, then you might have different sizes at different times, but only one size at one time).

2. A fish that lives in a cunt. These are mostly seen in women of the Amazon basin, and are similar to piranhas, but they don't eat the person whose cunt they reside in. Their food of choice is turgid worms. Men of the Amazon basin have the highest incidence of stump cock in the world.
1. Person A: Dude, you wanna go and paint my house for me?
Person B: No thanks, dude, I choose to go and cunt fish.

2. Sir David Attenborough: The cunt fish is native to women of the Amazon basin, noted for its sharp teeth, scaly appearance, and French accent.
by Wonaldo April 18, 2008
Nickname for mussels, a shellfish (specifically a mollusc) with a vaguely jaundiced and vaginal appearance, and a taste and smell not dissimilar to quif.
"Aargh matey, we be fishin' fer cuntfish - the twats o'the sea! Yeller as a smackhead 'n' smellin' like quif! AAARGH!"
by Mr Tango Jones November 19, 2009
A womens vagina that smell`s like fish.
or when you are pissed off with someone it`s an insult telling them they smell like a smelly vagina.
I went down on "that girl" and she has a cuntfish.
or when your pissed off with someone.... oi you cuntfish fuck you.
by fish69 September 21, 2009
Anybody who is a different race than you are.
1.Jim is a fucking cunt fish, you know cause he's black.
2.Kyle is a fucking cunt fish, you know cause he's a jew.
by craka-jak March 20, 2005
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