A cuntbutler is the type of man who hasn't got the courage to be a complete cunt but acts as a cheerleader to a cunt he wishes he could be.
He's a typical middle management cuntbutler.

Tony Blair is such a cuntbutler.

He thinks he's the dogs bollocks but he's really just a cuntbutler.
by Dave Right September 21, 2010
Top Definition
1. A more offensive and humourous insult that "cunt" on its own.

2. A man who is "pussy whipped" or overly controlled by his girlfriend. He spends excessive time with his girlfriend and will wait on her cunt like Alfred on Bruce Wayne. Similar to a WOM or WOMBAT.
1. Hey mate, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for hitting you the other day.

Fuck off cuntbutler!

2. Sorry mate, I can't make it out tonight. I'm going to stay home and watch DVDs with Tiff.

Man, you're such a cuntbutler. Do you ever leave the house these days?
by bucket004 May 25, 2009
A more rare cuntbutler is the man who worships at the alter of muff and devotes himself to the clitoral arts.
He's an ugly little sod but he has the patience of an accomplished cuntbutler.
by Dave Right September 21, 2010
Someone who is a cunt
Stop with your cuntery, you cuntbutler

That man, right there, is an awful cuntbutler

Man, I had the worst day at work today. My boss, who is a right cuntbutler, was riding my ass all day making me do all this crappy filing n shit
by tinslej April 20, 2009
a derogatory term implying inferior status to that of a standard cunt.
{literal} Man-servant to one who is a cunt
"Poor form, Sir. Truly, thou art a cuntbutler"

"Fuck off, you fucking cuntbutler!"
by OxfordEnglishAl September 16, 2009
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