When something is extra fishy.
This fish taco is totally cuntalicious

This is very cuntalicious if you ask me. (very fishy, hard to believe)
by Dan Sekowski May 21, 2008
Top Definition
Worth licking, sucking, and especially fucking
See that Trixie over there? She sure is cuntalicious.
by Octopod November 08, 2003
Something that is just sexy and turns one on
That chicks see through braw was just cuntalicious
by BeanaHunta March 11, 2008
adj. Def. - something reminiscent of a delectable vagina.
exp. - "The air was dark and think...it was 2:00 AM, and there was a cuntalicious feeling of excitement in his mind as it raced to wrap its reflexes around the harrowing hair-pin turns of highway 101."
by CC B-love fool...you better re February 03, 2010
a condition, emanating from the pudenda to encompass the female whole, conducive to lubricious reverie.
"Biff's mother was an attractive woman: pert, petite, well-tended, with an uhn!-uhn! cuntalicious walk that made one's johnson ding-a-ling with pleh-zhah."
by the sobsister May 05, 2004
Hot, the best, real coolo, fuckin lush mate,orgasmic, Im gunna have a wank. Jumbone,
'You mean girls are cuntalicious'
by sarah beattie kirsten emily January 27, 2005
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