Male version of a cocktease. He flirts with girls, excites them and wont give em any.

Other names,


The list goes on.
He rubs me up and down but never goes to the candy store!
by Frustrated September 29, 2003
Top Definition
See cock tease. A male, usually more attractive and confident in nature than a female, who manipulates her. May also be used in a sexual context when a man is unable to perform or performs inadequately.
She thought he was really into her, but it turned out her was only a cunt tease.
by Meggs September 07, 2005
Similar to cocktease, only the girl is being led to believe that she stands a chance with the guy or girl flirting with her
That cunttease went and bought me two shots and I ended up sleeping with his friend when he went home with another girl.
by COLsass June 03, 2005
The Male equivalent of a cock tease. A sexy man who refuses to date other women keeping himself to himself and not sharing the bounty with others.
Eric and Andy next door are cunt teases!
by Claire & Michelle November 24, 2008
I female that appears to be a lesbian and hits on other lesbians. But when the second lesbian tries to get sexual and the first lesbian then stops her, the first lesbian is now a cunt tease. She was teasing the second lesbian's cunt.
Susan thought she would have sex with Amy, but Susan soon found out Amy was just another cunt tease.
by Timmy6981 January 16, 2006
1) the rare case in which a guy flirts with a girl and hints at a desire to have sex with her only to back out when approached with the offer

2) male version of a cocktease...but worse cuz it's a guy who should tap that if he can
"OMG! Devon is such a cunttease! Every time I think we're gonna have sex, he totally pussies out!"
by FMGplz August 06, 2008
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