a girl who is acting worse than just a cunt and being retardedly stupid at the same time
Ohh girl, that cunttard at the bar wont leave them men alone
by lori needs a xanax October 05, 2007
Top Definition
A female that embodies the character traits of being both stupid or border line retarded and a fire breathing bitch.
That stupid fuckin bitch is the biggest cunt-tard to ever take up space and waist oxygen.
by FunkyTuna January 18, 2008
Synonymous with fucktard.
Contraction of cunt + retard.
You fell down *again*? Cunttard.
by anonymous January 07, 2004
A combination of Cunt and Retard.
Guy 1- Did you hear about what happened to Dave?

Guy 2- No

Guy 1-After his Cunt girlfriend picked out a very expensive engagement ring and made him buy it, then made him go to Ireland to meet her holy rolling dad- she said no when he proposed.

Guy 2-Damn- she is not a Cunt- she in an evil Cunt-Tard!

by Arjay3 October 19, 2010
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