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a very small increment of measurement.
waitress: do you want ketchup on your eggs?
patron: just a cunt-hair

Girl 1: your gas light just came on, we should stop somewhere.

girl2: nah, we can get there on just a cunt-hair
by temple tattoo April 07, 2010
3 2
The second smallest unit of measurement.

See: CH and RCH
Move it a CH to the right and it will be perfect!
by snabald July 13, 2003
379 87
A unit of Measure that means small, but actual Value depends on Application
Presion machinist says "I need to shave a cunt hair off this part" .0001 inch
Carpenter Says "I need to bang that stud a cunt hair to the left" .25 inch
Astronmer says That Astroid missed the planet by a cunt hair" 60,000 miles
by Sitazencain July 31, 2008
222 64
a very small unit of measurement
can you turn the tv down just a cunthair?
by rubensinclair April 30, 2003
135 13
a term meaning "by a small margin"
"that mufucka is a cunt hair away from get a bullet in his fucking head"
by tonyV August 12, 2006
131 62
A unit of measurement equal to approximately three-thousandths of an inch - approximately the thickness of a sheet of paper. Frequently used in industrial and construction environments.
"Move that board over just a cunthair before you nail it in place."
by KPY February 07, 2008
45 4
Smallest unit of measurement used in everyday American construction industry
It's a cunthair off level/plumb/square etc.
Take and cut a cunthair off this 2x4.
by Englethrope B Squeebe December 28, 2007
60 27
A cunt hair is also used as a very small unit of measurement.
Turn the bass down just a cunt hair.
by Ian Chode February 22, 2004
42 13