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A cunt blunt is a sex/drug act where the man bakes a batch of pot brownies, crumbles it, stuffs it into the vagina of a female, and then proceeds to eat her out.

The result is a pleasureful experience for both parties.

This is not to be confused with the Cleveland cunt-blunt, where the pot brownie is packed into the anus and then eaten out. The results of the Cleveland have led to mixed reviews.
I had a cunt-blunt last night.

My boyfriend cunt-blunted me.

We enjoy cunt-blunting.

I was Cleveland cunt-blunted yesterday. I didn't like it.
by ziggy811 September 14, 2010
to frustrate the sexual ambitions of a female; female gender-specific equivalent of cock blockage

1. the act of cunt blunting

2. a person who frequently cunt blunts females in their vicinity
I got so cunt blunted last night- Jeremy didn't even look at me once.

Don't cunt blunt me on this one, I need some cock tonight.

Brenda is such a cunt blunt, not one guy in the club hit on me last night.
by umme July 15, 2009
1) Street word for tampon

2) Meaning dumb assed vagina.
She was such a cuntblunt yeterday.
by Ali Tyler March 26, 2008
When you smoke a fat blunt because bitches be crazy.
Bro 1: "hey bro, why you letting some slut get to you? Take a puff off the cunt blunt!"

Bro 2: "Wow thanks bro, I feel much better!"
by ThatsSomeDankNiggaShit August 23, 2011
A cunt blunt is when you smoke a marijuana cigarette with your vagina.
Teenage Girl: I want to say I've smoked weed before, but I don't really want to smoke weed.

Other Teenage Girl (inserting a joint in the girl's pussy): Here, try a cunt blunt.
by B.O.S.Kuro-chan April 24, 2007
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