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Unbelievable feats preformed with ones vagina as heard and seen on the dirty twig show.
Big red preformed one one hell of a cunt stunt on the dirty twig show.
by The Dirty Twig Show September 18, 2008
-when a woman attempts to get carnal with a man but her progress is interrupted by an uninvited third party

-equivalent to a cock block
I could tell James wanted to fuck until Susie came along and initiated a cunt stunt.
when someone behaves with the intention of being a cunt.
'I cant believe he dumped you on the day your mother died, thats a total cunt stunt'
by Identity January 25, 2005
A female cock block.
A female who interjects herself between a man and clearly interested woman.
Catelynn: "I was talking to Jose when Sharon walked right inbetween us and asked him if he wanted to dance."

Kourtney: "Wow, what a cunt stunter"
by Lilswagg July 27, 2011
1. when a male asks a female to prevent another female from advancing on him

-In party situations, first female will often dance with male

-Similar to a cock block, but instead prevents a female

-A male in this situation should only ask a close female friend to do this
Guy: Yo man this girl was creepin' on me hard last night at the club, but I was with some close friends and asked one of 'em if she could cunt stunt the creep.

Girl: Johnny asked me to cunt stunt for him so this grenade would stop trying to freak with him, but I told him we weren't close enough for that.
by giveherassanine January 02, 2011
The female equivalent to a cock block
I was mackin on this guy when all of a sudden this other girl came up and cunt stunted my game.
by Killa Kirt January 27, 2013
The female equivalent of a Cock Block. When a female interferes, either intentionally or accidentally, with the chances of another female scoring some dick.
"Jenny! What the fuck? YOU SPILT A DRINK ON ME! I was totally about to get some dick off of this guy! Ultimate Cunt Stunt."

by KardiTheLobet April 16, 2009