A person who you loathe who has done a deplorable thing.
Brad, that cuntstain fucked my mom!!!!?
by bozlog September 25, 2005
Top Definition
A crusty residue left in the crotch of a womans panties. Sometimes white, yet sometime with a redish tint. The color of the stain is determined by whether or not the female has entered her monthly bitch syndrome. If it tastes like chicken it is okay to keep on lickin, yet if it tatses like trout get the fuck out. Also used to define an overbearing female, or even a douche bag male.
I was about to lay the hammer when I realized that cunt stain Ashley had a cunt stain on her thong.
by Sean and Drew May 02, 2007
The lovely smelling crust on the crotch of women's panties.
Larlene's thong had a thick, wet cuntstain from getting groped by her daddy.
by The Meatman August 20, 2004
When a girl is on her period and your having sex but you don't realize theres blood on you until your finished.
Fuck i got the cunt stain!
by Mothafuckajones February 24, 2012
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