Cunt Sniffer, to smell that of the hairy cup. Often a suplimentary, or a replacement for raw fish. Cuntsniffers generally fail at life.
Mum, stop being a cuntsniffer. I do love cuntsniffing in the evening
by CallYum March 15, 2008
Top Definition
one who sniffs cunts
"yo cunt sniffer sniff my cunt"
by J Hizzle November 29, 2005
one who is a lesbien who sniffes of the cunt
Rossie O'donnel is a cunt sniffer
by jisko August 01, 2007
one who is a luzzy who smells of the cunt
Rossie the cunt sniffer eats a lot of chicken
by jisko August 01, 2007
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