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By definition CUNT SLAYER means that you get mad pussy...and you get it like it aint no motha fuckin problem
Micheal is a Cunt Slayer
Flava Flav is indeed a Cunt Slayer
Matt Damon is a cunt slayer
Micheal Phelps is a Cunt Slayer
by jdizzle to the g hizzle August 13, 2008
Proper Noun. Patron saint of single dads who unfailingly bite their tounge in the face of cuntitiude from kids mom.
Ex- wife dissed my new puppy in front of my kids, and I didn't bat an eye..."Oh mighty Cuntslayer, doest thou what I can't , and smite the bitchhag with the sword of justice!"
by zortron February 21, 2010
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