rag of the cunt
Her cuntrag was dirty and cheesy
by hggloub April 22, 2003
a crusty old rag that probably was used to beat the meat. Dried cum on a cloth which made it a rag. Rag fulla skeet skeet. Usually used to roast people or refers to people who act lik bitches. Especially if they are a crusty like a bitch.
1.Man that bitch over there is a cunt rag

2.-Damm i forgot some lube..
-wanna use my cunt rag?

3.-Ay lemme hold a dollar
-No i need it for my japanese comic book
-You fucking cunt rag
by BALLA MUN January 09, 2007
a cuntrag is a fucking bitch who can't get laid.
Brett-Brett is a fucking cuntrag whore. The only men she can get are fat drunk gay men who are so drugged up that they dont even know theyre slipping it into a cuntrags cunt instead of a cockknockers anusholeplace. whattafgtfag!
by bdubya714 August 07, 2006
undergarment see underwear
i forgot to wear my cunt rag
by veryspecialperson November 30, 2005
A rag that you can wipe sweaty cunts with.
Hey you fucking rat bastard!!!! Hand me my fucking cunt rag.... Im sweatin up a storm
by Cunt storm November 26, 2005

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