a complete and utter cunt
dosser: cal is such a cunt rag
poo: cunting oath
by good.dosser August 14, 2008
The art of complimenting someone for a job well done. The cooler and funnier way to say Congrats.
Rose, cuntrags on winning the 1M PIC.
by MMMM Beer June 04, 2009
Something used to absorb the secretions of a cunt.
That bitch was so drippy, I really regretted not bringing my trusty cuntrag.
by Jesus Campos February 20, 2003
A loose term to describe either undies, sanitary napkins, or menstruation. Girls may refer to "having their rags" which is another way of saying that they have their period.
The first two examples are self explanatory, they are different types of "rags" for the "cunt". The third can be used to describe menstruation in this way:

"I have my cuntrag at the moment."
by gemma jones September 25, 2006
A wiping implement for use following a particularly vicious gangbang.
Sally, despite her extreme exhaustion, grabbed her cunt-rag quickly before the 5 gallons of semen dripped from her woman-hole.
by Jesus-sauce March 26, 2008
(n., insult, slur)

A derogatory term used to liken your distaste for someone to be in the same ilk as anyone's natural distastefor something so severe as a dirty rag used to clean a woman's dirty vagina.
"Fuck you, you goddamn dirty cuntrag. I'm going to kill your family and rape your sister till she bleeds."
by J_Dup August 23, 2006
Talia Napoletano
Talia napoletano is a cuntrag
by Jabjr95 July 21, 2013

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