Female version of cockblock.
Jenny was was hitting on a guy, but then she got cuntpunted by Donna.
by thefrankerchief December 16, 2010
when a girl has a foot abruptly shoved up her ass unexpectedly
by poopie'mcfey October 03, 2003
A sex technique in which one kicks a woman's vagina in an attempt to bury one's foot as deeply as possible within said vagina.
My girlfriend likes it when I give her a cunt punt, but sometimes I accidentally just kick her in the stomach, and it totally kills the mood.
by D_Dubs January 14, 2008
1.) v.
A Swifty Kick In The Twat.
* {Probably Very Painful, But Not As Bad As Breaking Your Nuts}
2.) n.
Anybody Who Is Acting Like An Asshole
A Hella Smokin Chick On Myspace
Dude, come party with us and quit acting like a fucking cunt punt!
by DoReMeFuhx January 24, 2007
The female version of the cock block.
Mary was going to hook up with Bob, but Susie cunt punted Mary, so nothing happened.
by Cade D February 25, 2006
To kick a girl in her vagina
Nick, michelle got me so mad today I did a cunt punt and walked away. Lol
by Birdman2000 May 23, 2015
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