A "Cunt punt" is the term for the prevention of sexual actions committed towards a female. In other words, it is the female version of a Cock block.

Other forms include, but are not limited to; Cunt punting, Cunt punter, and Cunt punted.
"I can't believe it! Jane totally cunt punted me!"

"She is definitely about to score with John, we should burst in and cunt punt her!"
by Slylemur November 09, 2011
To punch or kick a woman's vagina in anyway.
Girl 1: Bitch I'mma cunt punt you!
Girl 2: Lolwat?
by MisterKay August 09, 2009
1. A female version of the word cock block. When a female tries to prevent you from having a relationship or relations with another person.
2. When a female enters an area dressed provocativly and attemps either to draw attention from you on purpose or to draw attention to her self simply for the sake of drawing attention to herself.
3. A woman who will sleep with your man or woman, knowing that they are in a relationship with you
Terry: "This cunt punting ass whore telling everybody, I got a man at home.
Wendy: "Why she do that?"
Terry: "So I can't talk to Rob. You know he make six figures girl!"

Sharel: Look at this hoe with her titties all out. She done cunt punt the whole club and all the dudes lookin at her ass

Jerry Springer: "Why are you here today"
Lahquandauneeshah: "Jerry, I'm here to beat this cunt puntin' whore ass. She slept with my baby father and she know we got 12 kids toghether. He had me pregnant when I was 13 Jerry!!!!!"
by MJ Wright March 18, 2011
like cock blocking with a twist, a cunt punt is when a straight girl comes up to her lesbian friend and scares away a potential lesbian from approaching her friend out of fear they are dating.
tammy put her arm around me at the gay bar and I was like you know your cunt punting.
by alytt August 31, 2010
Lesbian equivalent of cock block
To punt away potential cunt as to block potential cock
Christi was hitting on this hot chick when kaylie's drunk ass cunt-punted christi.
by Monarch soccer March 25, 2010
when you kick a woman out of the house for failing to perform or do her man's bidding
Stacey made a bad sandwich so Frank cunt punted her out onto the street.
by simon starr December 02, 2009
Female version of cockblock.
Jenny was was hitting on a guy, but then she got cuntpunted by Donna.
by thefrankerchief December 16, 2010

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