A "Cunt punt" is the term for the prevention of sexual actions committed towards a female. In other words, it is the female version of a Cock block.

Other forms include, but are not limited to; Cunt punting, Cunt punter, and Cunt punted.
"I can't believe it! Jane totally cunt punted me!"

"She is definitely about to score with John, we should burst in and cunt punt her!"
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by Slylemur November 09, 2011
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the swift act of kicking a female in the crotch with enough force that the foot actually gets lodged in the cunt.
"Bitch, if you sleep with my man again, i will cunt punt you so hard they will have to dislodge my toenails from the roof of your mouth!"
#ass kicking #whupping #revenge #cat fighting #bitch slapping
by e-mo November 04, 2005
To strike a woman in the cunt so as to sufficiently bruise her babymaker. This may result in a toe fuck.
Yo, next time I see that slut i'm goin to cunt punt the shit out of her.
#cunt #punt #baby #slut #woman
by BHyde2 May 21, 2006
Kicking a woman in the cunt like a football.
Don't touch me you bitch or I'll cunt punt you so fucking hard.
by Chadical May 06, 2003
the act of kicking a female in the cunt due to being very angry at them or for laughs.
Dude my cousin ate my food I had in the fridge so I cunt punted her.
#cunt #vagina #punt #kick #lol
by Kelol March 13, 2009
kickin the bitch in the pussy
Just give her a cunt-punt
by Wiggles January 09, 2005
When a guy kicks the cunt as if punting a football (or just kicking). Getting the female back for punting him in the balls.
"dude, you got kicked in the nuts, even the playing feild and cunt punt her ass."
#cunt #punt #balls #kick #nuts
by "Big" Mike July 06, 2006
A swift kick to the female genital region launching the recipient into midair.
That girl was such a bitch I cunt punted her like no other!
#punt #kick #launch #beat #pk
by Sara Jane 22 November 06, 2008
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