When a guy kicks the cunt as if punting a football (or just kicking). Getting the female back for punting him in the balls.
"dude, you got kicked in the nuts, even the playing feild and cunt punt her ass."
by "Big" Mike July 06, 2006
To kick a woman in the crotch from behind.

Either due to anger or for laughs when she least expects it.
My friend hit my in the nuts earlier so Ima get her back when she least expects it. I saw her standing away from me with her legs spread so I came up behind her and gave her a nice cunt punt. She dropped fast.
by Mikey Mazik October 02, 2014
1) when someone kicks a woman in the pussy
2) when someone threatens to kick a man in the balls but wants to warn them with an insult
when used against a woman:
Person 1: -kicks chick in the pussy- ha! take that
person 2 (female): OWWWWWWWWWWW

When used against a man
Person 1:I swear if u don't nock that off i will cunt punt you
Person 2 (male): You calling me a chick, asshole?
by DJToXIcItY138 May 05, 2010
Similar to sack tapping, anyone with a vagina who is kicked in the vagina.
"Hey Sarah. Cunt punt!"
by Lecreator April 22, 2015
An action you make when woman decides to: be a bitch, be a snitch, talk back, or think that they are better then men in sports. The action results In kicking the woman in their vigina. Hopefully you kick them so hard that the vagina turns sideways. (Also when you try to cuntpunt them, not only hit the vagina but also the asshole if you can).
Woman: hey.
Guy: hi.
Woman: don't talk to me in that attitude.
Guy: Do you want to get cuntpunted?
Guy: (Cuntpunts her).
by Person you'd enjoy meeting December 18, 2013
Kick a girl in the vagina
My shoe was almost stuck when I cunt punted her
by papapoop43 January 16, 2015
The act of kicking a female in her vagina
We were making out and when i accidentally bit his tongue, he tried to cunt punt me and then dumped me. I hate guys.
by twatblocker February 21, 2011
When a dumb bitch gets kicked or punted in HER junk.
Ohhhh damn....bitch just got str8 cunt punted .....and ol' boy had a running start!

Damn son, that had to of stung a lil bit, ya feel me bro?

For sho' to I wonder if they got his shoe back yet or not.

What are you talking about?

Oh snap you didn't see or hear what happened? Ol' boy lost his shoe on the return from the cunt punt! Fo' shizzy yo! He gave the bitch a cunt punt and lost his shoe. It just vanished, gone, disappeared, you know like "POOF BE GONE"
by Sevynn8Nine&SheWasYummy October 22, 2014

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