When a guy kicks the cunt as if punting a football (or just kicking). Getting the female back for punting him in the balls.
"dude, you got kicked in the nuts, even the playing feild and cunt punt her ass."
by "Big" Mike July 06, 2006
To kick a female in the Vagina
"hey Jana...Cunt Punt!"
"Oh my god!"
by RawrRizzo October 08, 2008
A cunt punt is exactly how it sounds. Sort of like a nut kick for a guy. Punt the vagina as you would a football. Cunt Punt.
Girl, let me tell you, that bitch needs a cunt punt.
by cutecrab00 February 05, 2008
/n/ The proverbial description of the appropriate reaction to an adult female's failure to behave or act within acceptable social or cultural standards.

/v/ To administer an appropriate reaction to an adult female's failure to behave or act within acceptable social or cultural standards by swiftly and powerfully striking her vagina with your foot in an upward kicking motion of sufficient force and velocity to lift her off the ground.
"Did you hear about how Cali bumped uglies with her b.f.'s brother? She deserves the ol' cunt punt for that! Bitch!!"

"Are you still seeing Mike?"
"No. I stole his credit cards and ran up a total of $16,000 in charges on his ass. So he broke up with me after he gave me a badass cunt punt."
"Sounds like you had it coming, girl!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 01, 2010
Kicking a female directly in the crotch with intention to cause considerable pain without visual evidence of an altercation having occurred.
If I ever meet Paris Hilton I will cuntpunt her so hard that she won't sit down for the rest of her life.
by Walrus23 July 15, 2009
A kick right in the vagina.
Im going to boot you right in the fud, give you a right good cunt punt.
by Davieboyle1983 May 29, 2010
The act of punting a woman in the vagina for being a cunt.
When I saw my wife on her knees and the mailman letting his juice flow, I gave that bitch a swift cuntpunt.
by Levi Garrett August 19, 2007
The act of kicking a woman in her genital region.
That chick pissed me off so I gave her the cunt-punt.
by Big Dave Sully January 02, 2013

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