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The muscle inside the vagina (cunt).
This was used as an insult in the HBO hit series Entourage where character Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven) told character "E" that he was a cunt muscle for waking his family up in the early morning.
E: looks like i woke u up this time huh Ari?
Ari: Noo but u did wake my wife and kids dick head, Vinnie better be sitting in prison with a DUI or something is he?
E: No.
Ari: Then what the fuck do u want Cunt Muscle!?
by Eri Bold August 10, 2008
this is basically a derogative term to put someone down
"Dave, you're such a fucking cunt muscle. I hate you."
by fudeal August 29, 2006
Whenever someone is being a bitch to the maximum extreme.
My 'Roommate' is not drinking tonight because he is a Cunt Muscle.
by EK32656234521 February 02, 2008
Muscle in the vagina used during sex

A male cunt
her cuntmuscle is tight !

god Jeremy is a cuntmuscle
by Xan May 29, 2003
Cunt-Muscle (n) Cunt-Muscle the muscle around a Cunt usualy used as an insult
Cunt-Muscle You F***ing Cunt-Muscle

Thant Cunt-Muscle could crack nuts
by ST. Sa-sa September 11, 2009
the muscle in between a womans legs...also an insult to call someone who is not acting in accordance to what you want them to fucking do
i was lickin on this bitches cunt muscle...she was being such a cunt muscle because she wouldnt suck my dick after i put it in her ass!
by kushstunter69000 April 22, 2009
To describe someone who is EXTREMELY and UNBELIEVABLY unpleasant. Most commonly used when no possible words can come to mind to describe either a person or situation. The equivalence of being a douche-bag multiplied by at least 50.
"DUDE! You just fucking puked all over me you fucking cunt-muscle!!!"

In situational terms one may be "cunt-muscled".
by Steel843Curtain November 07, 2008
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