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person who licks meaningless pussy, or just a complete asshole about things, OR is a bitch.
His cousin was being a complete cuntlicker about things!
by zack December 02, 2004
12 31
cunt licker a term that can be used in every situation of life. it is intended to be used as an insult but can also be another way of saying hey friend! cunt lickers are most oftenly horny bitches who get ass by licking chicks cunts. if you aren't a cunt licker already, you soon will be because some fat busted looking girl will say hey bitch let me spread my legs and you can lick my cunt!
Jes's boyfriend is a cunt licker because he licked her vagina and it was pretty skanky and hairy.
by lain June 12, 2006
130 51
rugmuncher, carpeteater, lesbo, dyke
The female equivalent of a 'cocksucker'. It's not necessarily bad to call a woman a cocksucker, because for the most part, they should be cocksuckers. However, to call a woman a cuntlicker, which obviously means they lick cunts, is like calling her a lesbo-rugmuncher.
A couple of butch cuntlickers fell off their bike in the rain and nobody cared.
by Nico Naco May 01, 2004
92 44
A Person who licks cunt all day
I licked my moms cunt during school
by Basil September 06, 2003
72 49
A derogatory term for one who partakes in the reaming of their tongue in the female crevice in a lewd manner.
That cuntlicker just cut me off!
by Milkpuppy April 22, 2003
38 22
someone who likes to lick the inside of a cunts pussy
Leshawn: Bobby is always sleeping around with random women
Devon: Ya he's such a cunt licker
by Big Dick Nigga From da 510 January 09, 2012
12 9
A cunt licker is someone who makes you so angry you want to negatively shove them up a cunt.
"Dude thats the third time you've taken my cigarettes give them back you fucking cunt licker!!"
by slimjim123 May 25, 2014
1 0
Term used as an taunt/insult/dig towards a gay man, similar to saying "cock sucker" to a straight guy.
Gay Guy: "Hold on. I left the airplane tickets at home."

Other person: "WHAT?? You stupid mother fuckin' cunt licker!"*

*to which most gay men will respond, "You wish" if the person calling them a cunt licker is a woman.

by Rustopher April 27, 2006
53 52