The magnificent activity enjoyed by many horny men, and sometimes women in lesbian situations. This can be done in a group format or it can be done individually. In many group formats, the Head Leader, would command his fellow cunthunters to join him in the search for exotic pussy. During the journey one may bump into booby traps such as the "Bush" or an STD infested pussy. These can end the cunthunter's life or possibly put forth much shame, resulting in immediate dismissal from the cunthunt.
Ricky and his two brothers went on a cunthunt to pass the time.

When I asked Gary when he met his fiancee, he replied, "I ran into her during my cunthunt."

Nelson is the best cunthunter I know. He is fearless like a lion. He is bold like an eagle. He is horny like a rhino. Everytime he takes part in the cunthunt, he fingers every girl and leaves her confused. That is the way of the cunthunter. Be quick and mysterious.

Jaquan knows what to bring to the cunthunt. He packs a bag full of flavored condoms and clean underwear. I must do the same.
by Wild and Mild July 15, 2008
Top Definition
Going out to try to meet women.
We're leaving around eight to go on a cunt hunt.
by hughmonger October 30, 2003
What men do when they need a hot pussy
I'm on a cunt hunt now
by MasterX November 04, 2004
The pursuit of vagina

Usually availability is more important than beauty

Active rather than passive, usually at a bar
Q: Hey Mark, do you want to go out on a cunthunt tonight?
A: I'd love to

by RQ July 19, 2006
When there is a vast forrest of hair around the vagina and the sex partner must forge through that forrest to find the cunt. Once there, the hunt is over and the finder can rejoice.
Jamie went on a cunt hunt with The Fuzz.
by thisismyrealname March 23, 2008
Going out and hopping from one bar to another without staying long at any place, desperately looking to meet one or more women to have sex with.
He went after work cunt hunting. He hit 15 bars in 3 hours but no luck.
by arkark November 12, 2011
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