Despicable person.

Man hating/using woman.

Woman of low moral regard. See WHORE.
My ex-wife is a cunt.

Dont buy a car from that cunt, he'll rip you off.

Fuck off, cunt.
by sociopath9 April 15, 2009
a person, place, or thing
cunt had a cunt at the cunt
by fruitermelon March 15, 2008
Scottish: Collective term for a group of people
Look at all they cunts
by Ski June 03, 2004
Amongst other things can also be a derogatory term for a really hated person.
That Cristiano Ronaldo is a right cunt.
by flipmodefly June 12, 2009
That annoying, loud, angry and bank account-draining thing a vagina is attached to.
Damn, man. I'd love to get some of that pussy if it didn't belong to that cunt!
by Cookiezilla November 24, 2008
The parts of the female anatomy that surround the vagina.
That good pussy is wasted on that total cunt. You'd need to hit that cunt in the head with a brick first to fuck that pussy! Noisey cunt!
by Cruel-T June 06, 2010
1. in the u.s.a., best word in the english language! the only one that has shock value for anybody but old ladies and born-again christians. avoided even by eminem.

2. charming insult in other english-speaking countries, esp. UK, Ireland, Australia. normally directed at men. see twat.
you fucking cunt!

i fuggot my grandma's birfday... oi feel loik a roight cunt.
by i'm ju5t 5aying... December 11, 2005

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