Danie is such a cunt!
by CUNTLOVER July 10, 2008
The dumb cunt still does not factor in drive time!
by fordh8r October 07, 2010
A female cat.
"The neighbor's male cat screwed my cunt"
by Gregor mendel3 February 05, 2009
C annot
U nderstand
N ormal
T hinking

Thats why so many find it offensive when being called a cunt. It means you are ignorant.
"Sally doesn't understand what the heck is going on, what a Cunt!"

Rick is treating some girls inappropriately, "He is being such a Cunt!" (not gender specific)

"What a bunch of Cunts!" - referring to people taking about something they have no idea about.
by Pointing-Out-The-Obvious February 15, 2010
a very small pussy that is a tight squese for a mans cock
yo dat bitch was such a cunt i couldnt fit my mosnter cock into dat tiny pussy it sucked she was a fine biatch
by jakep June 08, 2005
C: Can't
U: Understand
N: Normal
T: Thinking
Cunt is a great code word don't let it go to waste
by DICKHEAD121 February 26, 2010
In the gay and lesbian community, a term for a very effeminate man or woman. It is a neutral term. Generally inflection and/or context defines if it is insulting or not. Commonly heard during "vogue" balls

Man1 :Child, look at her she is voguing down
Man 2: Yes Girl she is giving me cunt
by iintellectualhomosexual April 04, 2009

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