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a very small pussy that is a tight squese for a mans cock
yo dat bitch was such a cunt i couldnt fit my mosnter cock into dat tiny pussy it sucked she was a fine biatch
by jakep June 08, 2005
C: Can't
U: Understand
N: Normal
T: Thinking
Cunt is a great code word don't let it go to waste
by DICKHEAD121 February 26, 2010
In the gay and lesbian community, a term for a very effeminate man or woman. It is a neutral term. Generally inflection and/or context defines if it is insulting or not. Commonly heard during "vogue" balls

Man1 :Child, look at her she is voguing down
Man 2: Yes Girl she is giving me cunt
by iintellectualhomosexual April 04, 2009
1. One of the most offensive words in the English language.

2. A sort of Shawn
1. You fucking CUNT!!!

2. Your such a Shawn!!!
by Roger-M July 10, 2008
1. very attractive in a feminine sense
2. attractively feminine
"Don't you love the way the chink did my nails? Ain't they cunt?"
by Comedian Denis Donohue September 09, 2007
A term of endearment used between young women in the Northeastern United States. Reflects their reclamation of power through the word's root meaning in the female sex organ. It is usually used in the US as derogatory term for women, wielding the most power for offense of any word in the English language.
Also a term of endearment used between men in UK and Austrailia.
Jessica: What did you think of my presentation at work today?
Stephanie: You nailed it, you sassy little cunt!
by zhaza October 16, 2007
Insulting term for a mouth, particularly a man's mouth when accusing him of being homosexual, or exposing him as such.
Shut your cunt, faggot.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006