that sobbing wet soft and velvet pink , red or roast beef pussy. vagina
you're a cunt
i like your cunt
perla's cunt stinks
by whuz tang January 14, 2008
a pussy. overused by the british but addicting to say. used as in insult most of the time. can be combo'd with other words for example "you fucking cunt" or "that was a cuntish thing to do"
you cunt

seriously that teacher at school is such a fucking cunt
by patty dub November 07, 2007
caring understanding nurturing and tender
my wife when around me on a daily basis.

" Cunt"
by Mr.Jaded March 06, 2007
1. A very demeaning word used to define a woman's genetalia.
2. Used as an insult when somone is being a really big asshole/dick/bitch. etcetc.
1. I wanna like that cunt
2. You stupid fucking cunt you did not call me a slut!
by johns810 March 04, 2007
cant understand normal thinking
your a cunt GET IT c.u.n.t
by mike gallo August 15, 2006
A very common name is Russia.
Cunt is a good guy.
Look how big Cunt has gotten.
by Sulivan February 17, 2006
The word cunt may also be known as the word Miriam or Miwi. It is a very bad insuilt to women.
God, that girl is a fucken cunt.
by Steven Schmidt May 15, 2005

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