1. "She said her son thought Patricia was a cunt"

2. "Patricia's cunt is malodorous"
by ttocs March 22, 2005
A derrogatory term that offends the majority of the population. It's unacceptable to use this word unless you are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops online multiplayer and get shot when you clearly pumped half a clip into your killer.
Ah you cunt! I shot you five times in the head and you still didn't go down!
by corny16 July 23, 2011
C U Next Time

(see you next time)
Person 1: I have to go, so CUNT!
Person 2: What?!
Person 1: C U Next Time!
Person 2: ???
Person 1: It's funnier written down...
by Abyssion98 January 17, 2011
only dumbass chicks, who are probably in their 40s think this is a bad word. it means all-knowing in latin root.(this word is also probably only offensive in the United States.)
oh my god. what a little cunt nugget.
by t-crizzle March 13, 2010
A word that means to rule all in bitchiness. The ultimate burn for a girl you don't like.
I hate that cunt!
by TLCXX February 09, 2010
A crucial and horrible way to make fun of a girl.
the girl lily was not a cunt because she was a nice girl.
by TRETO December 01, 2009
An annoying bastard who won't shut the fuck up or leave you alone.
Tony: I banged the head cheerleader.

Erica: You're such a fucking cunt!

Tony: What the hell?

Erica: *kicks Tony's ass*

Tony: Shit
by magsiggirl November 07, 2009
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