A crucial and horrible way to make fun of a girl.
the girl lily was not a cunt because she was a nice girl.
by TRETO December 01, 2009
An annoying bastard who won't shut the fuck up or leave you alone.
Tony: I banged the head cheerleader.

Erica: You're such a fucking cunt!

Tony: What the hell?

Erica: *kicks Tony's ass*

Tony: Shit
by magsiggirl November 07, 2009
A versatile expletive that can apparently be used as both a noun and despcriptive adjective. The word of choice when fuck or fucking just isn't expressive enough.
Wash these cunt dishes!
by imanass August 28, 2009
megan conway
megan is the nastiest cunt on two feet and tht shit can be tied up
by megans a nasty ass cunt June 29, 2009
can replace the word good.
Cunt news!
Im so cunt at this!
Cunt Riddance!
by mikeymikeymikeymikey May 06, 2009
A cunt is someone that is worse than the scum of the earth. They have an opinion on everything and anything yet in fact no-one cares what they think as they talk absolute shit
Cara is a fucking cunt
by 1234565 June 16, 2008
A nasty mean word to call a woman. Probably the most offensive word in the english language. Ive been called this word but im used to it now. Its even more offensive when your own son calls you it.
Why did you call me a cunt? That wasnt nice. I may have cuntish ways but it dosent make me a cunt. Im not a cunt im a whore anyway.
by Mary Vitalei December 26, 2007
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